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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do The Marlinaires provide entertainment?

A. The Marlinaires have no travel restrictions!

Q. What services do The Marlinaires provide?

A. The Marlinaires provide a self-contained entertainment experience. We provide
sound and lighting. The Marlinaires are the whole package!

Q. How long does it take The Marlinaires to set up?

A. The Marlinaires can set up in as little as 45 minutes. Ideally, The Marlinaires
require at least an hour to provide you with the most professional experience.

Q. How much space do you need?

A. The Marlinaires have performed in some tight spaces, and will do the best to
accomodate your venue. They prefer to have an elevated area at least 8’ by 10’.

Q. How much do shows cost?

A. Rates are based upon several factors, including the location, venue, type of
performance and the services provided. Please call 812-293-0101 or email us at for more information and a quote for your specific needs.

Q. Where do The Marlinaires get their background tracks?

A. The background tracks they use are all created by Jack Marlin in his home studio.

Q. Are the members of The Marlinaires related to Sleepy Marlin?

A. The Marlinaires come from a rich family history of music. Father to Jack, and grandfather to Michelle and Chris, Sleepy Marlin was an international champion fiddle player. He passed away in January of 2011 at 95
years of age. Learn more about Sleepy!

Q. What happened to Sandy?

A. You may have seen The Marlinaires several years back and remember Jack’s
wife, Sandy. Sandy retired and passed the torch on to her son, Chris. The
Marlinaires are still a family band!
If you have any more questions about The Marlinaires or The Marlinaires’ show,
please feel free to e-mail them at!